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History of STAND!


In the late 1970's, STAND! Against Domestic Violence and the Family Stress Center were independently founded, with similar commitments to the people of Contra Costa County. Initially, STAND! Against Domestic Violence started with a single phone line in a utility closet, and a core group of volunteers dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. The Family Stress Center was launched to serve victims of child abuse and neglect, after receiving its first grant from the East Bay Community Foundation.

Over the years, each agency grew and evolved, building services to help stop domestic violence and child abuse.

By 1985, STAND! was well on its way to leading the domestic violence service community in the Bay Area, with over 30 staff members implementing intervention, prevention, and treatment programs. Around the same time, The Family Stress Center was expanding the scope of its services to include programs such as parenting education, the Latino Family Program, and Proud Fathers. Both agencies sought to approach the problem of family violence as effectively and comprehensively as possible. These two distinct agencies have now combined efforts, expertise, and skills toward one common purpose: addressing and decreasing violence in the home.

These two historic non-profits became one unified agency on July 1st, 2010. Together, they're providing services to help minimize the devastating impact of domestic violence and child abuse.

STAND! For Families Free of Violence is the sole provider of comprehensive domestic violence and child abuse services in Contra Costa County, offering prevention, intervention, and treatment programs. We're leading the community in building safe and strong families through early detection, enhanced support services, community prevention and education, and empowerment to help individuals rebuild their lives. With the support of staff, volunteers, and donors, STAND! Is actively ending domestic violence and child abuse, while also serving as a model for other agencies.

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