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A weekly roundup of family violence-related stories from across the web.

Woman's Hospital Bed Video Shows A Side Of Domestic Violence We Need To See

" ‘It affects people you know, cheerful people, people who sing, people who love,’ she wrote. ‘We the humans must be better, kinder, stronger. We the loving must not tolerate abuse. We the living must facilitate life.’" —Huffpost Women


Rumor of neglect ups risk of later maltreatment for kids

“By 2012, 45 percent of children with disabilities had been referred again to CPS, compared to 36 percent of those without disabilities. Sixteen percent of those with disabilities had experienced substantiated maltreatment and seven percent had been placed in foster care.” —Fox News Health


Joe Biden On Violence Against Women: 'We Have To Change The Culture'

"Biden cited his decades-long work on domestic violence, in particular the Violence Against Women Act he championed in the Senate, which he considers 'the proudest thing I’ve ever done.'"                    —Huff Post World Economic Forum