News of the Week

A weekly roundup of family violence-related stories from across the web.

An Open Letter to Former Governor Sarah Palin

"PTSD, other mental health issues, and/or substance use did not cause Track to attack, abuse and terrorize his girlfriend. These were deliberate acts of power and control; they were clearly acts of domestic violence." —National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Editorial: College ahead of the curve in domestic violence partnership

“[W]hat is special is the college taking the additional step of training staff to use the Lethality Assessment Program*, a series of 11 yes-or-no questions to determine the victim's level of physical danger in real time.” —Carroll County Times

*STAND! began using the Lethality Assessment Program as well in October 2015

Brown backs ballot measure to let inmates out of prison earlier

 “'The emphasis has been on this not affecting violent offenders, but I think most members of the public would be surprised at what qualifies as a nonviolent offense under the penal code,' McGrath said. 'Domestic violence, driving under the influence that causes death, residential burglary — these would be eligible for early release.'” —SF Gate