STAND!ing Ovation: Pamela Miles

Our March 2016 STAND!ing Ovation goes to Pamela Miles, who began volunteering with STAND! last year. As a professional in the legal field, Pamela was looking for an opportunity to serve family violence victims more directly.

“Family violence is the reason I decided to attend law school,” Pamela says.  “After moving back to the Bay Area almost two years ago, I wanted to return to volunteering for a cause I was passionate about.”

She joined STAND! as a Crisis Line volunteer in 2015 and has been a consistent source of support since.

“Pamela came into the work initially with an understandable level of anxiety but unbeknownst to her, she has grown to tremendous heights as a service provider, an advocate, and in her capacity to be present for callers in ways that has undeniably saved lives,” says Deborah Son, Crisis and Emergency Response Services Manager. “At a moment's notice, Pamela is always willing and eager to support the team and we at STAND! would not be able to sustain programs such as the Crisis Line without phenomenal persons such as her.”

While her dedication to crisis intervention deserves a STAND!ing Ovation in its own right, it is through her advocacy for STAND! that Pamela truly shines. Pamela is someone whose passion and enthusiasm for STAND! has the ability to inspire others to take action. By spreading the word about STAND!’s mission and impact in the community, Pamela has motivated a whole new family of volunteers to come join in our work to end the cycle family violence.

“I consider her my STAND! ambassador,” says Volunteer Coordinator Gretchen Ellis. “Every month, I have at least one new volunteer coming in saying they were encouraged by Pamela to join STAND!”

Thank you, Pamela, for using your voice to support survivors and to amplify STAND!’s message in the community.