News of the Week

A weekly roundup of family violence-related stories from across the web.

The Aftermath Of Domestic Violence In Rural Northern California

“I never called the police,” one survivor says on a confidential survey posted to local social media groups, “I wasn’t sure if they would respond. I wasn’t confident that I could adequately describe the incident, and I feared the perpetrator coming after me.” —Jefferson Public Radio

When Love Hurts

"In many ways, domestic abuse has been normalized through the pop culture we consume [...] The way we have been socialized makes it hard for women to identify abusive behavior as abusive, rather than just an extravagant act of love, and also makes it hard for women to be taken seriously when they are abused." —The Crimson

The Economic Scars of Domestic Abuse

"The NNEDV has found that financial abuse is a powerful way of trapping victims in their situations, and a survey of survivors showed that 98 percent of abusive relationships involve financial abuse." —The Atlantic