Sign up for volunteer training with STAND!

Interesting in volunteering with STAND!? Sign-ups are open for trainings through the end of the year. The training is interactive, engaging and each tier is designed to develop the skills you will need for your intended volunteer role(s). When you join STAND! as a trained volunteer, you become an integral part of our movement to end the cycle of family violence in Contra Costa County. 

Members of our newest class of volunteers share what they learned after completing training Tiers 1 and 2 last month: 

“I feel there is so much I can do and it can be overwhelming and a little exhausting just to think about, but we need to take everything a step at a time and I am ready for that step!”
“I used to feel helpless about family violence, especially since I experienced it as a child. But after two tiers of training, I realized there is so much I can do to help and I'm feeling more comfortable about discussing it openly in order to help victims. I also now believe that abusers need counseling and other help, not just punishment, in order to end the cycle of violence.”
“Family violence is a public health problem, not a secret conflict that should only be handled by family members. Educating the community about family violence is integral to reducing the shame and stigma that surrounds family violence so that more can be done to combat it.”
“I love that STAND! relies on volunteers to keep its organization going and that nonprofit organizations are allowed to exist with community support.”


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