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Catalyst for Change

STAND! is a Catalyst for Change, spearheading community services that increase awareness of family violence and child abuse, promote individuals to take actions to reduce violence in their relationships and communities, and encourage supporters to become advocates for violence-free relationships through a wide range of activities. STAND!'s outreach, public service announcements, and effective training and presentation materials are crucial components of our work in shaping the community response to family violence. Join us in our efforts- invite a volunteer or client to speak to your community group, suggest a presentation at your teenager's school, or ask about volunteering with one of our outreach programs.

STAND! For Families Free of Violence programs include the integration of the best available therapy research with the best available clinical expertise in the context of client needs and well-being. See Best Practices


Delta: Engaging Men and Boys, Engaging Youth, Understanding School Prevention Policy, is a coordinated community response to violence against women focusing on men and boys. The committee works on developing and implementing activities designed to engage men in preventing domestic violence before it happens. Some project activities include: a Call to Men regional institute, a regional media campaign, skill-building trainings; the annual Men of Merit event - Men of Merit are outstanding men of character and compassion with a strong commitment to being a positive influence in the lives of boys and young men in Contra Costa County; implementation of the White Ribbon Campaign, sponsoring the MANPOWER: Mentoring Boys into Compassionate Men conference, and leading group discussions on the video 'Tough Guise' with faith groups, schools, and community organizations.  Project Spotlight.

Speaker's Bureau and Community Trainings

It's important that our community understands the importance of ending family violence. Through presentations and trainings with community groups, corporations, local businesses, government agencies, and individuals, STAND! works to educate our community about the causes, effects, and signs of family violence and child abuse. In addition, STAND! offers the state-mandated 40-hour Domestic Violence Training for individuals interested in working with victims and children. Want to learn more about family violence at your workplace, association, civic group or social club? Contact our Speaker's Bureau.

Youth Education Support Services (YESS)

A school and community-based prevention project including education, youth leadership development, and training on teen dating violence prevention, shifting attitudes, and increasing healthy relationships. The best way to stop family violence is to prevent it from starting. This program is designed to involve, educate, empower, and mobilize youth to create youth-driven activities addressing relationship violence. The program helps young people develop the skills and emotional resilience to maintain healthy peer and dating relationships and engage in positive social behaviors. Young people change their physical and social environments and determine their own strategies and actions. Understanding Youth Violence, Teen Dating Violence.

During 2010-2011, a total of 1,997 elementary, middle, and high school youth participated in STAND! programs.

Promoting Gender Respect (Teen dating violence prevention)

STAND! works with the California Department of Public Health to implement Promoting Gender Respect

The Promoting Gender Respect program is intended to develop the knowledge and leadership skills of middle school boys to respond to and to prevent bullying and gender violence. In order to support the leadership of middle school boys, additional strategies of partnering with organizations, and engaging influential adults have also been developed. Promoting Gender Respect is currently in the demonstration project phase of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH's) Teen Dating Violence Primary Prevention effort, with the expectation of becoming a national model for teen dating and violence prevention programs.

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