Honoring Ellen's Guild

On any given day you can find at least one member of Ellen’s Guild somewhere around STAND! They are a mighty force of passion and efficiency – making sure that STAND! staff and clients have everything we need. As with most dedicated behind-the-scenes efforts, the endless things accomplished by Ellen’s Guild are not always noticed, because they contribute to the very fabric that makes STAND! strong – from organizing donations to liaising with local businesses to tackling administrative projects.

Ellen’s Guild was founded in 1979 by Betty Broll, an ardent supporter of children’s services. In 1996 the Guild officially adopted the name Ellen’s Guild as tribute to the late Ellen Toby Fisher, who enthusiastically resurrected the Guild. In 2010 when Family Stress Center merged with STAND!, Ellen’s Guild did too. Guild members meet as a group on a monthly basis in order to discuss goals and divvy up responsibilities. In between meetings they can be found:

  • picking up and delivering weekly food donations to RMC so that residents have nutritious meals,
  • deep cleaning garages, closets, kitchens and living rooms in order to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for clients and their children,
  • helping set up our transitional housing with furniture and household items for new families,
  •  soliciting and collecting donations of furniture, gifts, clothing and more to ensure that the supportive essentials we provide our clients and families offer a sense of dignity and pride,
  • shredding, filing, and organizing administrative projects to help staff tackle office projects,
  • organizing, planning, and tackling logistics for special events and holiday parties, like the Kinship Christmas party, that benefit children and families of STAND! and allow an opportunity for celebrating their relationships.

This year at STAND's 24th Annual Rebuilding Lives Luncheon, Ellen's Guild received the Rollie Mullen Award for their outstanding contributions and efforts to support STAND.