our mission

STAND! For Families Free of Violence is a catalyst for breaking the multi-generational cycle of violence, promoting safe and strong relationships, and rebuilding lives.

about us

STAND! For Families Free of Violence is committed to promoting safe and strong families. Our approach to eliminating family violence is well-rounded and community-wide. In addition to providing a complete spectrum of prevention, intervention, and treatment programs, we also enlist the efforts of local residents, partners, and institutions, all of whom are striving with us to stop domestic violence and child abuse.

STAND! is a founding member of the Alliance to End Abuse initiative, a cross-sector organization working to help solve domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. However, we cannot achieve our mission without the help of every individual, every school, every faith community, every neighborhood, and every business.

Domestic violence and child abuse often co-occur in families. As the only comprehensive family violence reduction agency in Contra Costa County, STAND! assists more than 10,000 clients annually by providing comprehensive prevention, intervention, and treatment services to end the cycle of violence and child abuse.

In an effort to reach - as early as possible - individuals impacted by domestic violence and child abuse, STAND! delivers children's therapy, childcare, and children's educational programs to abused children and those affected by domestic violence. STAND! also trains legal and law enforcement personnel, human services professionals, educators and health care providers.

Drawing from the best practices in the field, we address critical community needs by focusing on results and accountability. (Read STAND's best practices.) Through planning and adherence to sound fiscal management principles, we do our best to prevent funding fluctuations from affecting the programs and services we provide to our fragile families. As a key component of our community's safety net, STAND! is committed to creating and implementing an action plan for strengthening the safety net in Contra Costa County. (The safety net is defined as food, shelter, access to healthcare, and child and family safety.) We strive to exemplify trust and transparency - both internally and within our communities.


We are guided by our values of:


We live our mission with one consistent voice through clarity, transparency, honesty, and trust.


We care deeply about what we do because we believe this work is transformative.


We serve our clients with dignity and respect.


We prioritize the physical and emotional safety of all.


We believe that accepting responsibility for one’s actions is critical.


We adopt promising practices and develop leading edge practices to address the complex issues of child abuse and intimate partner violence.


We depend on one another and the community to achieve our mission.