Tribute list

Often supporters want to celebrate the memory of someone who has passed or celebrate a person who is working to end family violence. Add a name to our tribute list by making a gift online in his/her honor (add your tribute information at the end of the online form and we will add the name to this list) or submit a name using the button below.

In honor Of

In Memory Of

Betty Chuck

Bill Brown

Carol G. Hughes

Christina Strand

Dana Piercy

David and Karen Dolder

Dean Myers

Donna Bedford

Edna Hernandez

Elizabeth Ann Ackley

Emma Jones

Gloria Sandoval

Hannah Peavler

Jill Osur and Dean Myers

Mr. and Mrs. John Slater

Karen Jachens

Kerry Silverstone

Kris Jachens

Krista Kotz

Lauren, Kellianne, and Parker Witt

Leta Trejo

Linda Best

Mari Cyphers

Marilyn Hirsch

Marion Johnson

Mary Alice Pinkham

Mary Lindhal

Mary Rinehart

Melanie Bernal

Michelle and Steven Davis

Nadia Costa

Parandis Banifatemi

Percy San Pascaul

Priscilla and Dave Witt

Ray Watson and Joanie Framsted

Richard and Diane Jones

Sharon Turner

Susan Nagle

STAND! For Families Free of Violence

Uniglobe Golden Empire Travel

Uniglobe Travel Partners Bay Area

Ying Stroebe


Alice and Robert Winthrop, Jr.

Allan Creighton

Amber Seymore

Audrey Huwe

Austyn Williams

Catalina Torres

Dan Taylor

Dennis Henry

Dorothy Jongeward

Ellen Fisher

James Butler

Jane A. Moses

Keri Hitcher Long

Kevin Dorrian

Kevin Warren

Liana Day-Williams

Dr. Neil Wilson

Niamh M. Moorhead

Rollie Mullen

Sally Bird

Tari La Court

Victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Vincent Sandoval