Volunteer Training Info

Training Options

Thank you again for choosing to volunteer with STAND!

Our training is divided into 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1: Foundations of Family Violence and STAND! (10 hours)
  • Tier 2: Community Ambassadors (10 hours)
  • Tier 3: Peer Counselors (28 hours)

Each tier builds on the previous tier and opens the door for more volunteer opportunities. Once you complete all three tiers, you can take on any volunteer role in the agency and will have completed the requirements of the California Domestic Violence Peer Counselor certification.

In order to sign up for the training or if you have any questions, please email volunteer@standffov.org.

(Note: If you are taking the training for purposes other than to volunteer with STAND!, please contact volunteer@standffov.org for information regarding fees and registration.)

Training Options 2023

Please note, due to the pandemic we are releasing training dates quarterly. We still plan to hold a total of 3 rounds of Tiers. Based on health and safety realities we will determine whether sessions will be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid.

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