Happy #Pride Month everyone! Pride is a time to celebrate queer joy, to proudly and colorfully take up space, to proclaim that love wins, and that our LGBTQIA+ community is US, has always been here and will continue to grow and thrive.

Pride is also a time to resist against those who seek to erase LGBTQIA+ people from public spaces, to rebuff those who seek to divide, choose hate and fear, and push disinformation from their bully pulpits. We also know that our LGBGTQIA+ community faces disproportionately higher rates of violence and harm, both within their relationships and in community. This month, and all year, we STAND! in Pride with our staff, volunteers, community, and partners. We STAND! for safe and healthy relationships, no matter whom you love. We STAND! for love, we STAND! for joy, and we hope that you stand with us and celebrate today, and every day.

If you’re in the East Bay, and haven’t already, be sure to follow @rainbowcenter @cuav_sf @pacificcenterberkeley @oaklandLGBTQ @qulturecollective

We are here 24/7/365 if you are concerned about your relationship. 1-888-215-5555.

Or you can also get help by calling or texting @trevorproject 866-448-7386.

To learn more about DV in the LGBTQ+ community, visit https://ncadv.org/blog/posts/domestic-violence-and-the-lgbtq-community

Rainbow background with white lettering and the headline "say yes to love. Say no to hate."

Love wins.

#pridemonth #lgbtqiajoy #lovewins #lovenothate❤️💛💚💙💜

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