Children’s Therapy

Children’s Counseling Program

Children who witness domestic violence or have experienced family violence or abuse must work through feelings and behaviors they don’t yet understand. By utilizing play therapy and other age-appropriate therapeutic methods, our staff validates these children’s experiences and helps them learn to understand their own feelings. Additionally, a free, on-site program at the Rollie Mullen Center offers children who have witnessed domestic violence and/or abuse a stable daily environment with caring professional staff and conjunctive therapeutic treatment.


For children who have been exposed to family violence, therapy involves:

  • Building trust and safety
  • Psycho-education to understand and normailize behavior
  • Increase their sense of self-worth
  • Teaching calming/soothing/grounding techniques
  • Identify body sensations and labeling feelings
  • Conflict resolution skills building
  • Managing impulse control
  • Help manage anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Teach health ways to express a range of feelings including anger and aggression
  • Collaboration with parents and outside providers


To learn more or to enroll in services, please call 925-222-2132 or email to schedule an eligibility screening.

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