Non-Violence Program

The Non-Violence Program: 52-Week Batterers’ Intervention, at STAND! For Families Free of Violence, uses both an engagement and accountability framework. Our goal is to support those who have caused harm to engage in a process that allows them to be accountable for the impact of the violence caused, engage in learning the causes of their own violence and to begin making behavioral changes. The violence that is rooted in the collective socialization of people is more often than not, a part of the personal and community trauma that they too have experienced. We work to deconstruct and address this complicated dynamic in our group program via the utilization of psychosocial, psychoeducational and cognitive behavioral models.

We are committed to helping program participants restore connections to themselves, their intimate partners, their families and their communities. We primarily offer group services, with some opportunity for individual services based on staff availability and client need. We approach the problem of violence/harm with both psychological/emotional, and educational/skill building viewpoints. We create an environment that helps participants delve deeply into understanding their own use of violence, its impact, and their personal beliefs that support their use of violence. We provide an opportunity for program participants to acquire new coping strategies, develop healthy relationship skills, and take accountability for their choice to use violence, with the hope that it will create more peace in their lives and stop their abusive behaviors.

We work from the position that a person entering our program is solely and completely responsible for stopping their abusive behavior. For that reason, and to protect the safety of all concerned, partners/couples involved in violence will not be served together. The agency does however, attempt to work with each partner in an abusive relationship and to coordinate their respective services. Partners of clients in this program may be served separately by other staff members within the agency.

Group Information:

Call for current virtual and in-person group offerings due to COVID-19 public health orders

Participants will be in a same-gender group with others who also have caused harm by their use of violence. Twelve to Fifteen people comprise a group, and each group meets for two hours, once each week.

In group, a wide range of topics are addressed such as: Becoming Aware of Anger, Identifying Abusive Behaviors & Cycle of Abuse, Impact of Violence and Abuse, Identifying Behaviors that Continue the Cycle of Abuse, Male Role Belief System, Female Role Belief System, Expectation on Self and Others, Healthy vs Unhealthy Parenting/Fatherhood, Anger and Family of Origin, Jealousy, and Substance Abuse. Our philosophy is one of engagement and community building. We believe that there is greater motivation for lasting change in a cohesive, accountable, and supportive group than in one motivated by fear of program failure.

Program Fees

No one is denied services due to income. However, STAND! considers the setting of and collecting of an appropriate fee to be an important part of service and healing. All participants are expected to pay the $30.00 standard fee unless such a requirement would prevent them from being able to participate in the program. Fees will be adjusted only to the extent necessary to make services accessible to participants and these decisions are made by STAND! staff. Fees must be paid at each appointment time and participants are not permitted to accrue debt to the agency. Services will be suspended for non-payment of fees. Fees will be charged for all groups attended or missed. Our fee schedule may be changed at any time, at the discretion of the agency. Fees may be renegotiated (decreased or increased) as your financial condition warrants. Currently, we accept cash, checks, or money orders in payment of fees. A $25 fee will be charged for each returned check.

To enroll in the Non-Violence Program, please call 1-925-676-2968 or email

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