Youth Services

Youth Education Supportive Services (YESS)

A school and community-based prevention project including education, youth leadership development and training on teen dating violence prevention, shifting attitudes and increasing healthy relationships. The best way to stop family violence is to prevent it from starting. This program is designed to involve, educate, empower and mobilize youth to create youth-driven activities addressing relationship violence. The program helps young people develop the skills and emotional resilience to maintain healthy peer and dating relationships and engage in positive social behaviors. Young people change their physical and social environments and determine their own strategies and actions.

The YESS Prevention Educators offer in-person and virtual presentations and support groups based on the Expect Respect, Promoting Gender Respect, and You Never Win With Violence curricula.

To request a presentation or learn more, call 1-925-676-2845.

Youth Against Violence (YAV)

Youth Against Violence (YAV) is a leadership program that focuses on teen dating violence prevention and building allies. Leading by example, YAV leaders are both strong and passionate advocates of nonviolence in all facets of their communities. They are provided numerous opportunities to engage their peers in strategies to end violence, participate in critical dialogue around the root causes of violence, and work towards fostering a safe and just society.

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